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Key Features

The Atlas series is a highly engineered solution for tough, mission critical application. Made from Stainless Steel, featuring proprietary optics and high efficiency heat management properties, this product beats the competition on performance, value and reliability.

First choice for customers who value quality, performance and reliability above all else.

Equipment Lighting

Key Features

The Docker series is a heavy duty solution for mobile equipment such as Cranes and Gantries, commonly used in ports, harbors and rail terminals. Designed for long durability in harsh environments, this floodlight is compact, powerful and robust.

First choice for customers who operate mobile equipment and need a “leave and forget” lighting solution.

Mobile Tower Lighting

Key Features

This smart and fully mobile solution which is a “market first” can deliver a massive light package in any remote or temporary location, running on diesel for 200 hours on a single tank.

Perfect for Airports needing immediate compliance with IES-RP37 or sporting venues needing a temporary solution for an event. Versatile and immediate solution for temporary lighting requirements.

Sport Lighting

Key Features

For sports fields and stadiums, the Atlas R Series delivers spectacular performance based on our bespoke modular Atlas platform. With a lumen package up to 150,000 lumens, market leading optical control - including true asymmetric refraction based proprietary lenses – alleviating spill and glare issues - fans, athletes and customers around the world trust Midstream to deliver innovative sports lighting solutions. We create a better sporting experience for everyone. We consistently exceed expectations and our solutions stand the test of time – saving you money and time.

If you’re looking for an effective and specialised sports lighting solution for a new or retrofit project, trust Midstream. Our experts are ready 24/7 for advice on trends, design assistance, and development, delivery and installation of the best solution to meet your needs.


Midstream Lighting is a leading global designer, manufacturer and solution architect for advanced LED high mast lighting for the marine port, aviation, highway & rail, sports stadium and horticulture industries. Established in the UK and the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, we have a strong, global footprint, with clients and projects all over the world. Our products and solutions feature cutting edge LED technology and our proprietary optic lens system delivers one of the highest asymmetric light distributions you can find.

We are dedicated to providing expert solutions, designs, advice and technology for our clients, with superior customer service and support from start to finish. We are with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our reliability, our affordability, our exceptional customer service, and our innovative, integrated designs and solutions that will truly transform your business.

Meet the Experts

  • Yuli Grig, Commercial I lead on commercial topics such as partnerships, legal, marketing and channel development. Let's talk about working together. In the past I have hosted my own radio show.
  • Al Krupkin, Operations I make sure we operate as efficiently as a swiss watch. Let's talk about our production, deliveries, ordering and operating. I am also an expert snow boarder.
  • Paolo Corno, Technical I look after the products and the projects. Reach out to me for technical information, specifications and any generally difficult questions. Previously, I've played football semi-professionally.
  • Todd McNabb, Sales I’m responsible for building our sales pipeline so speak to be about any projects and requests. I’m also a Lean Six Sigma black belt.
"After trialling many different High Mast LED lighting products, the Midstream lamps are the only ones that have stood up to the ports harsh conditions."
S Hillyard, Building Services Manager, Port of Felixstowe

Case Study Port of Virginia

For this New terminal expansion we significantly reduced costs via specialised optics with greater reach

Port of Virginia, a major marine terminal on the East Coast, was undergoing a major expansion. This was a federally funded project where costs needed to be reduced but not at the stake of quality.

We knew that innovation was one of the Port’s anchor values and fiscal responsibility is part of their core vision so when Midstream was asked by a team of design consultants to develop a detailed design plan we had just the right solution. Not only did we develop the design plan, we also won the tender to be their lighting supplier. The use of our specialized optic which throws light further with less tilt, allowed the Port to reduce the number of high mast poles needed significantly reducing construction costs (innovation + fiscal responsibility).

Case Study Port Of Long Beach

Retrofit project was successful in getting a rebate with a savings upwards of 55%

The Port of Long Beach, a major container terminal was looking to benefit from the energy savings associated with LED technology.

We were tasked with reducing the energy demand while keeping the quantity of luminaires consistent and, ensuring a significant rebate from the utility supplier. Not only did we achieve the above with great success, we also turned the project around very quickly. The integration was turn-key as it could be installed by a local electrical contractor, and the stainless steel light we developed was not only resistance to corrosion, it improved uniformity levels and their CCTV performance.

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